Worth Hydrochem of Houston

  • Specializing in chemical water treatment and related technical services for the HVAC and water purification industry.
  • Dedication to superior customer service.
  • Worth Hydrochem is committed to the greater Houston area. We have established a strong and loyal customer base with nearly 400 monthly service calls. We service the greater Houston area from College Station to Freeport and Baytown to Katy.

Since 1975

  • Owned and Operated by Regina and Brad Kym since 2013.
  • Originally founded by Jim Kirkman, our company has been a family owned and operated local business since 1975.

Historically Underutilized Business
  • Texas Certified HUB Vendor.
  • Woman Owned Business.
Association of Water Technologies
  • Worth Hydrochem is a proud member of AWT. An organization of chemical water treatment professionals committed to training and operating at the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.


Why Chemical Water Treatment?
  • Keeping your HVAC system clean and chemically treated is of the utmost importance. An improperly maintained system will cause a number of complications including calcium carbonate scaling, premature corrosion, and microbiological contamination. All of which will lead to costly system failure and increased energy consumption.
  • Preventative maintenance service is the backbone of Worth Hydrochem of Houston. Worth Hydrochem offers maintenance service that fits your individual systems. Our service representatives perform at the highest level of customer service.
Cooling Tower Chemical Treatment
  • Monthly chemical treatment service recommended for all cooling tower systems and twice per month service for larger systems.
  • Chemical treatment program designed to prevent calcium scaling, control corrosion, and regulate mircrobiological contamination.
  • Water analysis performed on site and system adjustments made same day.
  • Cleaning of automation control equipment, and testing of chemical feed equipment.
Chilled and Hot Water Closed Loop Chemical Treatment
  • Monthly or quarterly chemical treatment service recommend for all closed loop systems.
  • Chemical treatment program designed for corrosion control, and regulate mircrobiological contamination.
  • Water analysis performed on site.
  • Filter change out performed as needed.
Steam Boiler Chemical Treatment
  • Monthly chemical treatment service recommended for all steam boiler systems and twice per month service for larger systems.
  • Chemical treatment program designed to prevent calcium scaling, and control corrosion.
  • Water analysis performed on site and system adjustments made same day.
  • Testing of chemical feed equipment.
The Worth Hydrochem Difference
  • Worth Hydrochem stands behind our products and service. We offer a scale free guarantee to all service contract customers.
  • Worth Hydrochem of Houston service representatives are on call 24 hours a day.
  • Service contract customers are never charged for call outs.
  • Chemical delivery and chemical safe handling performed by trained Worth Hydrochem representatives.
  • Worth Hydrochem customers have access to account records from anywhere with our online digital reporting system. Customers can login to their account to access service, delivery, and repair history. Worth eService Report


Cooling Tower Cleaning
  • Cooling towers are designed to draft air through the system to evaporate water for cooling. This design is susceptible to outside debris and contaminants that can lead to system fouling.
  • It is critical to have your cooling tower physically cleaned annually to allow your system to operate as efficiently as possible.
  • Worth Hydrochem’s team will wash the interior and exterior of the cooling tower system, chemically treat for microbiological contamination and vacuum basins to remove sediments and debris.
Condenser Cleaning
  • Copper condenser tubes can become fouled with calcium carbonate scale and debris causing poor performance and high head pressure.
  • Fouled condenser tubes lead to poor efficiency and high electric bills.
  • Worth Hydrochem will chemically descale and passivate the condenser tubes. Clean condenser tubes are the highest priority of a chemical treatment program.
Pipe/Closed Loop Cleaning
  • Closed loop piping can become fouled with corrosion, mil scale, dirt, debris and other contaminants.
  • Fouled piping leads to premature failure of piping and equipment which leads to costly repairs.
  • Worth Hydrochem will chemically clean the closed loop system with detergents to break down fouling and contaminants.
Water Filtration
  • Worth Hydrochem offers a vast variety of water filtration options to fit your application needs.
  • Temporary high pressure flex hose and hard pipe installations available.
  • Piping sizes from ½” to 4”.
  • System flow rates from 1 to 800 gpm.
Cooling Tower Epoxy
  • Over time galvanized cooling tower basins will break down with corrosion.
  • Worth Hydrochem will treat the galvanized steel areas with a protective epoxy coating to stop leaks and extend the life of the cooling tower system.


Chemical Automation Equipment
  • Cooling Tower Chemical Treatment Stations
  • Boiler Chemical Treatment Stations
  • Automated Blowdown Systems
  • Automated Chlorine Feed Systems
  • Chemical Feed Controllers and Pumps
  • Dual Containment Chemical Feed Tanks
  • Water Meters and Flow Control Equipment
  • Top Brands in the industry including: Walchem, Pulsafeeder, LMI, Advantage Controls, Asco, Gemini
Chemical Pot Feeders and Filters
  • Pot feeder chemical capacity from One to Twenty gallons
  • Pressure ratings up to 300psi
  • Top Brands in the industry including: Efficiency Dynamics, Wingert, Harmsco, Neptune
Pipe Installation
  • Copper, PVC, Galvanized, Black Iron Pipe
  • Pipe size from ½” to 4”

Pipe Insulation
  • Armaflex Rubber
  • Aluminum Jacketed


Water Softeners and Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • New System Installation
  • System Repair
  • System Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Valve Replacement and Repair
  • Resin Replacement
  • Membrane Replacement
  • Solar Salt Delivery
Domestic Water Sterilization
  • Chlorine Saturation
  • System flushing
  • Sample collection and testing


Worth Hydrochem performs a variety of laboratory testing including:
  • Legionella
  • Total Bacteria
  • Coliform and e. Coli
  • Glycol
  • Metals
  • Closed Loop Chillers and Boilers
  • Water Softeners

Samples may be collected by our staff on site or delivered to
our office by customer


  • Commercial Properties
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Processing
  • Data Centers
  • Schools
  • New Construction and Renovation


On Site Training
  • Chemical treatment station operation.
  • In house water testing.
  • Filter change out.
  • Water meter reading.

Hands Free Customer
  • Worth Hydrochem technicians are highly trained in proper chemical handling and storage.
  • Worth Hydrochem customers are never asked to handle chemical products.

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Worth Hydrochem of Houston

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